About Us

We are six hungry people!

Our motivation for pursuing abundance through permaculture is simple. We need food. Perhaps that doesn’t quite cover it.

We love food. In a previous life, living in Canada, we had access to anything we could dream up. Grass fed beef finished on sweet apples? No problem. Organic vegan takeout? A phone call away. We thought things were simple back then. A craving for tasty, clean food could be satisfied with minimal fuss.

Simple is Relative

What we didn’t realize then is that our life was anything but simple.

What seemed easy to us then was in fact a complicated and costly dance of production and distribution, over-consumption and gluttony.

These days, our food cycle mostly starts and ends in our front yard. We share our journey of how we got from there to here and how much easier our lives are now. You too, can simplify your life by using permaculture to ease not only your own burden, but the burden we mercilessly place on the earth, with its mistreated soil, its failing ecosystems and dwindling resources.

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Growing pains?

It’s not easy turning a blank canvas of soil into a lush and fertile source of food. We know. We started from scratch ourselves.

Send us your your permaculture questions and we’ll do our best to help.

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